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Huang Yuemin








These three keywords "Playful", "Ready-made", "Public space" interspersed in most of my works.


Play is how I communicate with objects. Under its non-serious, non-profit-related protective shell, I was able to reject established rules and re-establish a personal connection with the world. Perhaps its meaning to others, only stay on the surface belongs to children's games. But it can also be an escape from the boring, self-repeating dilemmas of contemporary life.


"Ready-made" is my most commonly used materials and the important theme of my works. In addition to the advantages like humour, widely available. More importantly, what I see in them is how human beings understand their own life, how they resist and reconstruct natural rules. My role, however, is to gather together the discarded, unremarkable, everyday objects that are scattered throughout every aspect of our lives and piece together to reveal our most basic and deepest hidden desires and needs as human beings. Because I believe that what makes things what they are connected to the reason what makes us be who we are.


Public space, if art is about communication, who is its audience? What is the difference between the people enter an art gallery and the people walk down the street their beliefs in art? The gallery has always been a safe barrier to artists' poetic, radical or metaphysical experiments, while at the same time, the enclosed space has also become an obstacle for art to exert greater social influence. I choose public space as my experiment place. It tore away the bright aura it had been given and opened itself up to an unsuspecting and unprepared audience. It is a bridge to another possibility of life that the artist has been exploring, directly on the path of those who are too busy and forget to dream about the future they're pursuing.






2011 - 2015  本科 - 公共艺术


2017 - 2019  研究生 - 艺术与科技


2015 - 上海青年艺术博览会,上海  

2015 - SkypeLab展览,上海-德国

​2019 - 亲密,芝加哥

​2019 - 奥地利电子艺术节,林茨

2020 -,芝加哥

2020 - YouFab,东京


East China Normal University 

2011 - 2015 BFA - Public Art​

The School of the Art Institution of Chicago

2017 - 2019 MFA - Art and Technology



2015 - Shanghai Young Art Fair Exhibition, Shanghai

2015 - SkypeLab Exhibition, Shanghai - German

​2019 - Our intimacy, Chicago

2019 - Ars electronica, Linz

2020 -, Chicago

2020 - YouFab, Tokyo

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