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As an international student, I am trying to use my own way to touch and communicate with this foreign city, Chicago. I see the city through the reflection of my phone, and only take the picture when the size of objects‘ reflection just as the same size as my screen. 


This rule diminishes the artist's own intention but provokes the audience to think about the relationship between the images on the screen and the environment, the phone and the real world we are living in. It enables us to see not just from one side but to conceive the view both from back and front.


The second part of the project wants to show more information about how I position myself in this city. Based on the previous rule of capturing photos, doors become the subject matter of conveying my idea. These doors are from Federal Building, office building, Union Station, and the exit of the red line subway.

The third part of the project is discussing how people see an Asian girl with a selfie stick using the camera to take the picture of her phone screen. When people feel free to stare at me, I capture their faces through the reflection.

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