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When we attend into an art exhibition, the artists have always been like the center of an art work. We are trying to understand their thinking, their words. We are just the part of their work. But I want to change this situation, I have been searching a way that can directly communicate with people who come into my work. I want to know what are you thinking about? Your emotion, your reaction, these are the things that I want to explore and show it to yourself or to the others.

Work Process

People should enter into a dark room with the spot lights shining random around their sides. When the fifth person steps into the room, computer will random pick a person and all the lights directly shining on his body. The lights will focus on him until he go out of the room.

Before they enter into my work, all the people can see the question that I created for them:

“Why you? Why me? ” The process of one's thinking is much interesting than the work.

Others' sight

Your own sight

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