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What you can see is just a start

Trapezoid is a very interesting graphic. Like triangles, it has directivity. Its narrow top and wide bottom can represent a rise, while its reverse image also refers to a decline. The hourglass combines these two contradictory but symmetrical trapezoids together. The upper half of sands slowly goes by, but that does not mean they disappear, because they are accumulated in another new space in a new form slowly again and again. "All conclusions also are starts." I want to integrate this concept into my work.


The Creation of Spaciousness


Inspired by the shape of hourglass, I view three dimensions as the key consideration in creating work. I set up a trapezoidal space, with only one entrance in the room. When the audience walks toward the inner depths, the space becomes more and more narrow, which creates an oppressing sensation psychologically. At the end of the room, it is a trapezoidal screen with narrow top and wide bottom stretching upward. When visitors come to the screen, they can feel the end of plane space, but it is the beginning of vertical space. In the work, I just mention both vertical and horizontal concepts, but we live in a ball-type space, how about 45-degree space, 60-degree space? I expect the end of my work can be a new beginning of viewers’ thinking.

The Participation of Audience in Work Creation


Finally, the picture presented on the screen is an important auxiliary tool that helps the audience to understand my work. In my senior year, I researched the interactive artistic art, and the participation of audience in my work became one of my main developing directions. In this work, trapezoidal space set just makes the pace of the audience change from sparse to dense. I think, if I can gather up footprints of the audience, and play them on the reverse trapezoidal screen in real time, the change on the screen from dense to sparse can be formed to allow viewers to experience the sense of extended space. The participation of audience in work can deepen their understanding of space. Footprints here are not just designs, but also make those who see their footprints feel that they continue their lives in another space.

Horizontal Space

Trapezoidal space which room becomes more and more narrow. 


The space creates an oppressing sensation psychologically. 

Vertical Space

Trapezoidal screen with narrow top and wide bottom stretching upward.  

Visitors can feel the end of plane space, but it is the beginning of vertical space. 

Space Form:

Design Reason:

Unfinished Project

Sadly, this project haven't been realized. Traditional painting tools can not perfectly fulfill my goal. So I am looking forward to finding a feasible plan by the means of the technique.

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