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Sunshine app can be used with UV sensor carried by the mobile phone. Sensor will transfer the UV data it detects into time data to inform the user that in the current ultraviolet environment, how much time is left until their skin gets sunburn. Meanwhile, countdown alarm clock is developed to remind users to change the environment and carry out protective measures. 

Why We Need This App?

Ultraviolet ray damages to human skin, which is not just reflected by skin color changes, but more importantly, it will accelerate the aging of the skin. Long-term exposure to sunlight brings irreversible harm to the skin. However, unlike what people imagine that UV damage occurs only at sunny day, UV damage in cloudy or with sun umbrella also poses a threat. 


This app allows people who enjoy sunbathing to control the time in the sun, protecting against sunburn. On the other hand, for women who pursue fair skin, the selection of Sun Protect Factor according to the UV intensity means more effective skin care.

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Process Of App

1. After opening the application icon, automatic detection will be conducted with no action to inform users of UV intensity and the time they can spend in the sun.

2. With accordance to the needs of users, they can click on the huge button in the middle to turn on the countdown clock.

3. Considering that in the state that the countdown alarm clock is turned on, ultraviolet environment of users may change. In order to avoid manually turning off the alarm, the mobile will automatically cancel if it detects the simultaneous changes of the position and UV data. 

Advantages of our app

1. Compare to the bikini, the UV sensor in the smart phone is more broadly used.

2.The smart watch is less accurate because it may be covered by clothing. The app installed on the smartphone would not have the same problem.
3.Unlike Samsung’s app, our program is able to transform raw data into more practical information. This is more intuitive, handy and easy to use.
4.Finally, men can avoid using sunblock and conveniently protect their skin by using their smartphone app. 

For the drawback that users need to open the phone application to view data, we offer program of widget settings.

Widget can be placed on the desktop based on the needs of users.

Future Development

We will take the SPF (sun protection factor) of the sunscreen into consideration, automatically adjust the safe sun exposure time, and trigger an alarm when more sunscreen needs to be applied. 

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