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Contrast between the real and abstract. Discuss about relationship between the audience. 


I learnt a new drawing technique called Blind Contour Painting from workshop organized by Australian college.  We could only use one line to draw the contour of the model’s face and without looking at the painting paper. This technique makes the contour appear very abstract. I want to show the conflict between real and abstract, and mask paper is the best way to fulfill my concept. Besides, it provide a chance for visitor to interact with my art works.


Interactive Idea:

When my work is interacting with visitors. For all attendants visiting together, when familiar faces are covered, they feel fantastic. For strange attendants, they don’t know each other, but they have the same character that they will see familiar faces when look or know each other at the exhibition.Masks I provide not only serve as the works of the exhibition, but also become a catalyst, encouraging the audience to pay attention to strangers around. The exhibition is not limited to provide communication place for the author of the work and the audience. Compared to a normal exhibition, you can benefit more if you know more like-minded people and exchange ideas in the process. 

Relationship between the audience 

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